BCYMP Halloween Fun

On Sunday, Oct. 27th the SDSU Swine Club hosted a Halloween-themed group event for Mentor and Mentee pairs. 

The Swine club offered pairs pork sandwiches, cookies and what they call “feed ration” which is like trail mix. The mentor pairs even got the chance to pet baby pigs!

We want to thank the Swine Club for offering us this event and a special thanks to Morgan Busack, President of the Swine Club and Whitney Davison for organizing and planning the event for us. 

On behalf of our Mentor and Mentee pairs we would also like to show our gratitude towards the Swine club for helping us celebrate Halloween in a different way. 

Thank you, also, to our SDSU student club affiliate, the Jackrabbit Youth Mentoring Club (JYMC), who planned another fun Halloween event for BCYMP Mentoring Pairs. Everyone had fun painting pumpkins and playing games. 

Group events are something that the BCYMP family enjoys greatly. The share experiences can strengthen the mentoring bond and expose the Mentees to new things and people in the community, which challenges their growth and expands their possibilities.

 Holding a group event for BCYMP Mentoring Pairs  would be an exciting new way to have your club or organization support a non-profit whose mission is to support the youth of our community. 

BCYMP is looking to host and plan more group events in Spring 2020. Some fun ideas would be to educate the pairs on your organization and plan some fun activities related to your organization. 

We aim to not only provide events for our pairs but to inform and educate them on topics that they may not usually be interested in. This creates interest is our Mentees and maybe can give them an insight to what they may be interested in the future. 

If you are interested in hosting a group event we encourage you to fill out this form to plan for Spring: 


It’s okay if you don’t have a clear idea yet; just put down what details you do know, and then we can visit and make a plan!

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