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How To Be A BCYMP Mentor

BCYMP always needs caring adults who want to make a difference in our community and in the lives of young people. All BCYMP Mentors must be 18+ years old, complete pre-service training and an interview, provide references, and pass a criminal background check.

As a trained BCYMP Mentor, you will benefit from knowing that you are positively impacting the future You will also improve your communication and leadership skills, gain compassion and perspective on the lives of others, and expand your possibilities, both professionally and personally.


SDSU Student? Did you know we have a student organization, JYMC?!


Research shows that consistent mentoring is most impactful. BCYMP expects Mentoring Pairs to spend a minimum of one hour per week for at least one year during their mentoring relationship. We understand, though, that sometimes you and your Mentee may need to miss a week or adjust the schedule. Like all friendships, good planning and communication are key to strong mentoring relationships. 

Communicate with your Mentee and the BCYMP Volunteer Coordinator if you will be unavailable to mentor for more than a week. If you will be gone for several weeks or over the summer, BCYMP can help you Mentor virtually or remotely. Occasionally, we will move mentoring relationships to the “on hold” status. Communicate, and we’ll help find solutions. 

Mentors are provided with contact information to their Mentee’s parenting adult(s). You can schedule your match meetings directly with your Mentee’s parenting adult. BCYMP’s volunteer coordinator will support you and your mentoring relationship with any communication barriers if needed.  

Yes. Mentors and Mentees are able to schedule their mentoring time with what works best for them and the Mentee’s parenting adult. We highly encourage a set day and time to create consistency week to week for all parties involved. 

BCYMP provides optional free events and activity passes from area businesses and organizations that support mentoring opportunities. Additionally, free and low-cost crafts, games, and other activity ideas are shared with Mentors frequently. Ultimately, how the one hour each week is spent is up to the match.  

Mentors must be 18+ years old. Before being matched with a student on our waiting list, each Mentor will complete or provide  the following:

  • Written Application 
  • Reference Checks 
  • Screening Interview 
  • Background Check  
  • Agreement to Time Commitment 
  • Submit a copy of  Auto Insurance and Driver’s License  
  • DSS Training for Mandatory Reporters  
  • New Mentor Training  

Mentors must also document the time spent mentoring and maintain consistent contact with BCYMP and their Mentee’s family.

New Mentor Training is approximately 3 hours. BCYMP will automatically email our self-paced online training information to anyone who submits a Mentor application. If you would prefer to attend an in-person training at the BCYMP office, please use the "Request/RSVP to In-Person Training" button to let us know! 


Do you know someone you would recommend as a BCYMP Mentor or Volunteer?

It could be to teach Mentees a skill, spend time with a Mentee on a regular basis, or plan a fun project for our youth. Let us know who that person is by filling out this form.

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