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How To Be A BCYMP Mentee

BCYMP Mentees will commit to spending approximately one hour per week with a BCYMP Mentor for at least one year to develop a mentoring relationship. Any parent or guardian of a K-12 student in Brookings County may apply to have a BCYMP Mentor for their child. All BCYMP Mentees must attend school in Brookings County.

A BCYMP Mentee, will have a supportive adult to share hobbies and goals, with as well as someone to try new activities with.


Parenting Adult FAQ

  • Commit to your child participating in the mentoring program for 1 year.
  • Demonstrate a desire to participate in BCYMP.
  • Be willing to communicate with the BCYMP Mentor weekly.
  • Make an effort to consistently meet with the BCYMP Mentor and avoid cancellation or rescheduling.
  • Check in with your child’s BCYMP Mentor regularly; good advance and open communication are a must. Work with them to set mentoring appointments in advance. Keep all contact records updated with the BCYMP office and BCYMP Mentor, including phone, address, and email. Consider joining our private facebook group for BCYMP Parents to stay up-to-date on BCYMP activities.
  • Keep in regular contact and respond to BCYMP staff with any updates. Let us know how the match is going from your perspective, and provide program evaluation feedback as requested.
  • Encourage responsibility in your child by holding them accountable to keep scheduled meetings with their mentor. If you need to cancel or change, give the Mentor 24 hours advance notice.
  • Stick to scheduled pick-up and drop-off times. Be home at the agreed-upon drop-off time.
  • Do not use the mentoring relationship as a reward or withhold as a discipline.

Most of BCYMP matches are 1:1 community-based. One Mentor and one Mentee spend time together in the community. We also have small group mentoring programs for K-8 grade students. If you have questions about which program would be best for your child, please contact our office.

Being part of BCYMP is free. Our Mentors are volunteers, however, so we do not expect them to spend their own money to mentor. BCYMP provides many activities free to Mentoring Pairs through grants or donations, but please keep open communication with your child's Mentor and know that we don't expect them to need to spend money to be a volunteer with BCYMP.

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