Fleece and Thank You, Larson!

On October 15, several Larson Manufacturing employees took time on their breaks to tie fleece blankets for BCYMP Mentees as part of the company’s United Way campaign activities.  That evening, other employees and some of their family members also volunteered. In total, they made 53 blankets! BCYMP would like to thank Larson Manufacturing for their generous donation of materials and time in support of our mentorship program!

“It’s so important to know your strengths and your talents, and then use those to figure out who and where you can help.  It doesn’t have to be this huge task and commitment that everyone thinks volunteering is, sometimes it’s all the little thing,” said Stephanie Hale, a Buyer for company and part of Larson’s United Way Committee that organized the service project. She added, “I love participating in good causes and helping others.”

BCYMP would like to make enough blankets so that each K-12 student in the mentoring program could receive one. “You can imagine how tedious cutting and tying 50 blankets are,” said Katie Goossen, BCYMP’s Volunteer Coordinator, “so we are looking for volunteers to help us cut and tie 53 more.”

Yes you heard it! We have funding available for supplies to make another another 53 blankets for BCYMP Mentees!  We need your help in making them, however. If you or a group you’re in are interested in volunteering to make more blankets, contact bcymentoring@gmail.com. 

By helping us, you are making a special impact on the youth of our community. These blankets will be given to our Mentees as a caring gift during the holiday season.

Again, special thanks to Larson Manufacturing for their generosity, hospitality and help! And thank you, too, for considering helping BCYMP make additional blankets so that each child can have one. 

The impact that donations make for BCYMP is greatly appreciated. With your help we can make a difference together. #BCYMPBEONE

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