Thanks to Bobcat of Brookings

BCYMP appreciates the generous support of the Brookings community. Recently, one of our wonderful Mentors, Alison Tappan, was given the opportunity to take their BCYMP Mentees on a visit to Bobcat of Brookings.
Our mentor had reached out to Dave Jacobson, the manager, who was delighted to give the two a tour and showed the nine-year-old Mentee any piece of equipment he wanted. He event let him sit in some!
The best part of the experience was when the BCYMP Mentee got to drive a small excavator by himself and dig dirt out of a pile. Mr. Jacobson even gave him souvenirs to take home–a toy skid steer and a tee-shirt. This was a memorable experience that our Mentoring Pair are extremely grateful for!
The Brookings community and its business owners continue to amaze our organization by going above and beyond.   Thank you!
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