Valero Rocket Launch 3.0

Valero Rocket Launch 3.0

By: Josie Nelson, Marketing Intern


For the third fall in a row, Valero Renewable Fuels, located in Aurora, hosted a rocket build and pizza party for BCYMP Mentoring Pairs. Fifty people attended the event.

BCYMP Mentor and Mentee Pairs were invited to the Dakota Nature Park in Brookings to get the inside scoop on how to build a rocket. Valero sponsored this event and provided the location, food and rocket kits that included instructions and supplies. 

Special thanks to Valero employes–Brian, Molly, Lori, Nick, Allie, Angie–who helped Mentoring Pairs build and decorate the rockets, as well as served pizza for all who attended. The Valero team helped build the rockets by giving extra help to the mentor pairs and also bought pizza for those who attended. 

A fun activity the mentor pairs had the opportunity to try was the SDSU Aviation Program’s flight simulator, manned on Sunday by Dr. Cody Christianson, a former BCYMP Mentor. 

The event started with the building of rockets, then Mentoring Pairs were able to eat pizza, try the flight simulator, play board games and explore the nature par, Due to the weather, the actual rocket launch has been postponed.  

BCYMP will update those interested in attending the rocket launch with a new time and date soon.  

Special thank you to Valero for sponsoring this event and to those who attended!  

BCYMP plans group events to give Mentoring Pairs shared experiences that strengthen their relationship and give the Mentees opportunities they might not otherwise enjoy.   

This has been a special event sponsored by Valero Renewable Fuels Chemical Plant. If you are interested in hosting an event for BCYMP use this link for more information:   

It’s okay if you don’t have a clear idea yet; just put down what details you do know, and then we can visit and make a plan!



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