BCYMP 2023 Annual Letter

Happy National Mentoring Month!

During the month of January, BCYMP celebrates the impact a mentoring relationship can have on a young person. We entered 2023 with almost 50 youth seeking a Mentor. These are kids who truly want a Mentor and we need your help to support adding new adults to our program. We couldn’t do what we do without the individuals that care about the youth in our community and are willing to give their time, dollars, or both to ensure the success of our program.

Donations make it possible for BCYMP to attend sporting events as a group, host a Thanksgiving Gathering with a meal, provide snacks and crafts in the Mentoring Space (and the list goes on!). What our donors don’t get to truly “see” is the impact the dollars make. Our parenting adults shared:

  • Mentoring helps with my kids’ social skills and an opportunity to experience life outside the home with someone who provides a different view.
  • As a single mother this program allows my children more opportunities to be enriched and encouraged to express themselves in ways I cannot, the opportunities to get involved in community programs with their mentors helps build confidence, friendships and lasting memories!
  • Since their dad is no longer with us, it is so meaningful to have another adult they trust, who cares for them as a role model and someone to share activities with. Mom can’t be it all. I’m so thankful for the mentors.

In 2023, we are adding the opportunity to Mentor as a couple. We expect this to encourage new Mentors to serve our youth. We will need to train, monitor, and support more adults. Your support today will help us fund this adaptation, ensure we can continue making an impact on our youth, and allow us to serve the youth on the waiting list. Can we count on your donation to help us put a caring and supportive adult in each kid’s corner?

To make your financial contribution, please donate here: https://givebutter.com/supportbcymp

Thank you for your consideration!

Ali Teesdale

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