Brookings: Together We CANNS Do It

by Nikki Eining, MSW CSW-PIP QMHP

April brings us all a new journey this year. This journey can look very different for each of us, yet similar in a lot of ways. Working from home, temporarily losing a job, enjoying spending extra time with our children, learning how to be a teacher and finding creative ways to continue socializing with those we care about but cannot be currently around. Some of us may be experiencing grief associated with some of these losses; some of us may be rocking our new schedule. Whatever your journey through COVID-19 looks like, there is no right or wrong way to feel during this time.

On behalf of the Brookings County Child Protection Team, I asked about writing this blog to normalize some of the symptoms associated with this adjustment. Symptoms such as stress, big feelings, grief associated with changes are normal. Part of building resiliency through moments of adversity is acknowledging it is normal to struggle through the adversity, through the adjustment. Acknowledging you are not failing, you are not “over-reacting” and you are not a bad person for feeling how you feel about this current COVID-19 crisis.

The Brookings County Child Protection Team is a group of multiple community stakeholders that work together to support strong and thriving individuals and families in the Brookings area to prevent child abuse. April is child abuse prevention month. One in two individuals experiences a type of childhood adversity and one in four individuals experiences more than one type of childhood adversity. COVID-19, and the major adjustments it brings is a type of ‘adversity’ we are all faced with today.

During this time with COVID-19, it is normal to need extra support due to normal responses to such a large life altering experience. You can find local area resources through the Brookings Mental Health Resource Guide with 211. Call 211 or go to the website:

Please learn about this month’s CAPM activities that are being offered for free by going to The Brookings Area United Way website and clicking on their “Community Calendar” tab  or follow “Brookings County Child Protection Team” on Facebook for events and resources.

The Brookings County Child Protection Team wants Brookings area parents and guardians to know that we are here for you.

Nikki Eining CSW-PIP, QMHP Co-Chair of Brookings County Child Protection Team Outpatient Mental Health Therapist, Avera Brookings Behavioral Health

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