Mentor Eligibility & Recruitment Wrap-Up

Mentor Eligibility & Recruitment Wrap-Up

By: Tory Arbach, Program Intern


Here at BCYMP we follow researched best practices in youth mentoring, as established by the National Mentoring Partnership. The best practices for the long-lasting positive outcomes for mentoring relationships are divided into six standards: Recruitment, Screening, Training, Matching, Monitoring/Supporting, and Closing. 

The one we have been focused on for the past month is Recruitment–finding the correct candidates to provide support and expand the possibilities for the K-12 BCYMP Mentees. Any adult 18+ years of age and residing in Brookings County may apply to become a BCYMP Mentor. They must be able and willing to:

  • Adhere to all BCYMP policies and procedures.
  • Consent to and complete the screening process that includes a criminal background check, reference check and in-person interview with BCYMP Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Director.
  • Complete all components of the pre-service training, including DSS Mandatory Reporter Training, within 60 days of applying.
  • Attend one in-service training annually after being matched with their Mentee. 
  • Agree to meet at least one-hour a week with their Mentee and to sustain the mentoring relationships for one year. If there is reason to reevaluate participation, they will contact the BCYMP office immediately.
  • Submit “Monthly Mentor Logs” to help BCYMP evaluate its program, and communicate regularly and openly with the BCYMP Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Make every effort to set and keep a consistent weekly time with their Mentee.  If plans change and the mentoring time needs to be rescheduled, they will contact the Mentee’s parent or guardian 24 hours prior to the set date/time if possible.
  • Contact the BCYMP Mentor and BCYMP office immediately if their address, phone number or email address changes.


In the past month, we have been out meeting potential BCYMP Mentors several times. We were on the SDSU campus twice, at the Career and Club Fair and the Job and Volunteer Fair. We have also been visiting communities in Brookings County, since BCYMP is open to any K-12 student who attends a school located within the County. We visited Elkton and Deubrook for Mentor Info Nights, as well as holding one in Brookings, at GracePoint Wesleyan Church. 

We have made many connections and have expanded our reach–all in hopes of recruiting the best BCYMP Mentors possible for the youth we have on our waiting list! 

Many BCYMP Mentors report that volunteering one-on-one with a youth in our community has been transformational for themselves.  If you would like BCYMP staff and mentors to visit your organization, group of friends, or workplace to tell others about the opportunity to mentor, please contact our office at 605-697-0444.  #BCYMPBeOne 

Tory Arbach is the Programing intern at BCYMP. She can be reached at

If you’re interested in becoming a BCYMP Mentor, the first step will be to fill out our application here:

Please share this link, too, if you’re already a BCYMP Mentor and know others who’d be a great influence on one of the youth on our waiting list! Thank you.


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