Mentor Spotlight: Adam Holtquist

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to give back, but how and when will I have time?” Adam Holtquist is a new BCYMP mentor who recently found himself asking, and fortunately for us, answering those questions. For a while he thought, “I’m going to get more involved”, “I’m going to do something”, but as a father, National Guard Member, and business owner he struggled to find time and the right opportunity. Despite his busy schedule, he still wanted to give back. He remembered the words of his business mentor reminding him that everyone is busy, so giving back is just a matter of prioritizing your time and asking yourself, “What do I value?”

Adam has a passion for working with kids through his parents; they were both teachers and Adam had once thought about teaching himself so volunteering to help children seemed like a natural fit. Adam, a local State Farm agent, then one day saw an inspiring State Farm Good Neighbor commercial about volunteering (link to that video below), which seemed like a bit of a sign to him. Adam learned about BCYMP while attending One Million Cups where a BCYMP board member chatted with him about the organization and introduced him to Darla, BCYMP’s Executive Director.

Adam values his family and knew he couldn’t cut into his family time, but as a small business owner he could rearrange his work day to mentor. Adam thought if he could make a difference to a child by simply rearranging his scheduling and giving an hour a week, why not? Adam applied to mentor and was matched in January. Right now, he and his mentee are getting to know each other, building trust, and setting the foundation for a positive relationship. They are learning about each other and spending time together bowling, playing games, and grabbing lunch. Although he has only been mentoring for a short time, it is very clear that Adam is committed to be a role model and positive force in his mentee’s life. BCYMP only exists because of compassionate, generous, and committed mentors like Adam who make a difference to kids every day. Can you donate an hour a week to mentor a child? BCYMP currently has 40 youth waiting to be matched. Contact us at or 605 697 0444.




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