Ten Years and Time for Change

by Laura Hoiten

Can you remember where you worked ten years ago? Where were you living? If you have kids how old were they or were they even born yet? What was your household income? As you may know a lot can happen in a decade — yes, a decade a full ten years.   

BCYMP would like to remind you that something that happens only once a decade can have a huge impact on the future. We’re talking about the Census! The data collected is used to determine many things that will impact the future of our community:

  • How federal funds and grants are dispersed across the county.
  • Where businesses will build factories, headquarters, and additional locations.
  • How government officials plan.
  • How “real estate developers and city planners use the census to plan new homes and improve neighborhoods.”

Please take a few minutes to complete and return your Census. It’s estimated that each uncounted household results in a $15,000 loss of funding to the community. This is because the Census is used to decide how to distribute more than $675 billion federal funds annually to programs in housing, education, public transportation, employment, health care, and public policy.  These federal dollars go towards all government services, everything from free school lunch to filling potholes to supporting preventative programs for youth like BCYMP!

By being counted, you help shape  the future for your community! Brookings Counts Census 2020 Campaign is encouraging local community members to complete the Census and after share the news with friends or family on social media with the hashtag #ShapeOurFuture. The 2020 Census can be found in your physical mailbox, online, or may be taken over the phone. It consist of only nine questions, and answers are confidential.  

Feel free to learn more about Brookings Counts and the 2020 Census at the following resources:

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