Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

Thank You for your interest in volunteering with BCYMP. This application is for non-Mentor volunteer opportunities (ex. group/club volunteers, diversion program, youth volunteers, YAT volunteers, or office volunteers). Please email bcymp@bcymentoring or call 605-697-0444 if you have questions or would like assistance in filling out the form.

About You

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Local Address

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Do you have a valid drivers license? *
Will transportation be a concern for you? (Select all that apply).
Has an employer or other organization run a Background Check on you in the last six months?
Have you ever been convicted or arrested for a Felony Offense? If yes, explain. *
Have you ever been investigated in connection with a child abuse. molestation or neglect matter? If yes, explain. *

Volunteering Questions

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Would you be interested in making a donation to BCYMP to help us serve more kids?

Consent to Participation (If volunteer is under 18, parenting adult need to sign).

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