JYMC has created a Fall Scavenger Hunt for Mentoring Pairs

The Mentor Diaries: Connecting with JYMC Leadership Team

Did you know BCYMP partners with an SDSU student organization called Jackrabbit Youth Mentoring Club (JYMC for short)? Recently, BCYMP had a chance to connect with three of the student leaders from JYMC.

JYMC is a SDSU student club that helps provide all Mentors and Mentees a way to connect through group events each semester such as a bowling party, Christmas event, crafts, Ice Skating. Ellie Balken, Riley Larson Adams, and Laura Selman are three of the Executive Board Members of JYMC and Mentors.

Outside of excelling as students and being involved in the mentor program, they are also involved in other student organizations, hold various leadership roles, and participate in campus activities. After hearing the many activities they are involved in as well as the commitment to schooling each of these ladies have, we had to ask… how does mentoring fit into your lives while being so involved with school and your other student clubs? They all agreed, the time commitment is flexible and it’s one hour per week. Laura added, “a set schedule helps to ensure you meet that week, but overall it’s flexible.”

Meeting with a Mentee is rewarding. As Mentors, each of these ladies have found simple activities such as a walk, talking at a park, or sharing a hobby together as moments they have most enjoyed. Laura mentioned, “I have tried new activities with my Mentee that I wouldn’t have.” Ellie stated, “You get to see the impact you are creating for a Mentee. You are helping someone become the best version of themselves. It’s an awesome and flexible way to give back.”

JYMC is currently hosting a Scavenger Hunt for our mentoring pairs to help kick off the fall. Mentoring pairs have been challenged to get outdoors and find items off a hunt list! Upon completion, they will have the chance to be entered in to win a prize. While activities are looking a bit different this school year for our pairs, we are excited that JYMC has been able to adapt and still make fun mentoring moments happen!

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